Kelly Ripa previously switched to a plant-based, alkaline diet as a cleanse, but five years later she’s still sticking to it.

After recently revealing she had quit drinking, the TV host told People: “I really believe in an alkaline diet. I believe inflammation is one of the great killers of people, in different ways.”

“Whether it’s digestive problems, or heart health, or brain inflammation. Inflammation really affects your body in totality, so I try to maintain a really alkaline diet,” she added.

Ripa, who turns 50 in October, said of how the diet has affected her day-to-day life: “It’s so important, and you don’t realize it until you make those changes, and you’re suddenly like, ‘Oh my god, I feel so great.'”

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Despite feeling better overall, the “Live with Kelly and Ryan” host did say it left her with some stomach issues: “I really found that, because so much of my diet is so plant-based, I constantly have reflux, indigestion. People with plant-based diets — these are foods that don’t break down easily, your body has to work for it.”

She’s now a spokesperson for Persona Nutrition, claiming their ginger and peppermint supplements fixed the problems.

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