Shakira, Kanye West & Drake Among Most-Hated Artists On Twitter

They may be beloved but they’re also pretty polarizing.

A new study by Bose and Currys PC World took a look at the Twitter fanbases for some of music’s biggest stars, discovering that Shakira, Kanye West, and Drake receive the most negative comments of any artist.

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“Social media is not just a tool that allows fans to communicate. It is an environment within which some fan communities live,” says Dr. Mark Duffett in the study. “What people do together helps build their sense of communal identity.”

While some artists get a lot of hate, others get almost nothing but love. At the top of the positive heap is Harry Styles, with Camila Cabello and Lady Gaga close behind.

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Check out some of the results of the study below:

Most Negative Tweets

1. Shakira – 45 per cent negative
2. Kanye West – 38 per cent negative
3. Drake – 37 per cent negative
4. Eminem – 36 per cent negative
5. Cardi B – 35 per cent negative

Most Positive Tweets

1. Harry Styles – 96 per cent positive
2. Camila Cebello – 95 per cent positive
2. Lady Gaga – 95 per cent positive
4. Shawn Mendes – 94 per cent positive
5. BTS – 92 per cent positive

Most Twitter Mentions

1. Justin Bieber – 107,000,000
2. Rihanna – 93,900,000
3. Taylor Swift – 84,900,000
4. Lady Gaga – 79,700,000
5. Ariana Grande – 66,600,000
6. Drake – 38,600,000
7. Shawn Mendes – 23,800,000
8. BTS – 22,200,000
9. Beyoncé – 15,367,000
10. Camila Cabello – 9,700,000

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