Lauren Graham Knows Herself Too Well To Ever Join Instagram

Don’t count on ever seeing Lauren Graham on Instagram.

Appearing on “The Kelly Clarkson Show”, the “Gilmore girls” star was asked about why she has a Twitter account but not an Instagram account.

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“I’m easily distracted,” the actress explained. “I am worried if I was on Instagram, I would never do anything else.”

She then offered up a hilarious anecdote to illustrate exactly how distracted she can get online.

“So the woman who played my mom on ‘Gilmore girls’, Kelly Bishop, who is incredible, who is in the original cast of A Chorus Line…and also ‘Dirty Dancing’,” she said. “I want to look her up to find a video of her from A Chorus Line and literally when I looked up, I was 72 years old. I had spent so long on the TV, on the thing, getting so distracted because I went through the A Chorus Line and then I was watching old clips of old, other musicals.”

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Graham added, “I’m a person who opens the refrigerator doors and walks away and forgets.”

She did agree, though, that social media can be a positive thing.

“But it’s fun,” Graham said. “I have met some wonderful people who I admire and that’s the connectivity… that stuff is really nice.”

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