Toronto Blue Jays player Caleb Joseph is paying tribute to late Rush drummer Neil Peart.

On Thursday, the Canadian baseball team took to Twitter to share a video of their catcher, Caleb Joseph, giving an epic air drumming performance during morning calisthenics at their spring training this week.

Sitting down with some buckets and batting cage equipment as a makeshift drum set, Joseph perfectly impersonated Peart as a soundtrack of Rush songs played over the PA system.

“Neil Peart would be so proud,” the team wrote on Twitter.

Joseph previously tweeted about his love for the Canadian rock band and of course, his favourite drummer.

“Don’t tweet much but am saddened by the news of Neil Peart’s passing,” he wrote. “Rush is my favourite band and Neil my favourite drummer. The reason I even picked up drum sticks was because of Neil.”

Peart sadly passed away last month at the age of 67 due to brain cancer.