Carol Kane is keeping an open mind about a potential “Taxi” reboot.

On Friday’s episode of “The Talk” the actress discussed her former co-stars and whether a reboot of the late ’70s, early ’80s comedy show might be in the works. When host Marie Osmond asked if a “come-back ‘Taxi’ show” would be something she’d consider participating in, Kane said that she would but that it would not be up to her.

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“I think it’s all up to the writers,” she said. “They would never do anything second best and so if they came up with a story that was powerful and right, then I think everybody would be interested.”

Speaking of “everybody,” Kane went on to talk about the relationships she still has with her fellow “Taxi” actors.

“I keep in touch with all of them,” Kane said. “In fact, Judd Hirsch and I just finished making a movie together in Miami where we played husband and wife.”

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She also added that because Tony Danza lives in New York she often sees him, as well as Chris Lloyd who she helped secure an apartment in her building.

You can catch the interview up top.

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