Emotional Abby Lee Miller Tells Dr. Oz She Asked Friends ‘Why Didn’t You Just Let Me Die?’ During Cancer Battle

Abby Lee Miller gets emotional in new interview about her battle with cancer on “The Dr. Oz Show”.

Miller will appear on the next episode of the show and she gets candid about her battle with cancer, the subsequent health problems that have led her to use a wheelchair and what she thinks about former “Dance Moms” students who decided to “distance themselves” from her when she went to prison after pleading guilty to bankruptcy fraud.

In a sneak peek at the episode shared by the Daily Mail, Miller, 53, wipes tears from her eyes as she talks about overcoming Burkitt lymphoma (a form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma) and subsequently having both spinal surgery and a knee replacement.

“It’s horrible. It’s awful. I said to my friends many times, ‘Why didn’t you let me die?’ Just, why did you save it, do it? Let me go,'” she tells host Dr. Mehmet Oz.

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“I don’t have children. I don’t have a husband. My parents are deceased. I’m done,” she adds. “I came here to teach dance.”

She also expressed disappointment that her legal troubles led some of her former students to avoid her.

“They needed to ‘distance themselves’ from me. That was the word that was used, distance themselves, when I was indicted by the Federal Government,” Miller continues, confirming that former student Maddie Ziegler is “absolutely” among that group.

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However, she noted that another “Dance Moms” student who went onto fame has remained friendly. “‘JoJo [Siwa] stays in touch with me,” she says. “I think everybody else forgot my name.”

Abby Lee Miller’s appearance on “Dr. Oz” airs Monday, Feb. 24.

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