Cardi B is being sued for allegedly assaulting, hitting, and spitting on a female security guard at a doctor’s office.

On Friday, TMZ announced that a woman named Emani Ellis filed a lawsuit against the rapper in the Los Angeles County Superior Court. According to the lawsuit, Ellis was at work when Cardi allegedly struck her in the head, face, and body while also spitting on her while using racial slurs.

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The incident occurred in a Beverly Hills medical building on Feb. 24, 2018, when Cardi would have been about four months pregnant. Eyewitnesses say that the “I Like It” singer was trying to leave the office when Ellis approached her, trying to record a video and take pictures. Cardi apparently asked her to stop. At the time, she had not yet announced that she was pregnant.

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Witnesses, however, told TMZ that while there was an argument, things never got physical and racial slurs were never used. In the lawsuit, Ellis also claims that Cardi used her celebrity status to get her fired, although a representative for the medical building has said that it was a doctor and patient coordinator who got Ellis fired for violating Cardi’s privacy.