Attendees at the DreamHack Anaheim convention were in for a surprise when they got a video message from Ryan Reynolds revealing that they would all be part of his new movie “Free Guy”.

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“Oh, hello everyone! It’s me. It’s Ryan Reynolds. I just want to tell you guys how excited I am that you’re going to be part of my new movie Free Guy,” Ryan said in the video. “In the film, I play an NPC named Guy, who realizes that he’s a background game in an open-world shooter. Now, this is the part where you come in. The thing is that my character Guy becomes this huge, giant, global phenomenon with gamers and fans all over the world and they’re all rooting for him, me, this NPC, to come to life.”

“We’re there shooting with you at DreamHack today because we want you to be part of our movie, if that’s okay,” he added.

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“It’s 2020, we all know how to be pissed off,” Reynolds said while describing how they will all be showing a range of emotions as they cheer Guy on.

“Free Guy” is scheduled to hit theatres on July 1.