BTS Reflects On Reaching A New Level Of Stardom And The Inspiration Behind Their New Music

BTS still can’t quite believe how far they’ve come.

In a recent interview with Variety, the South Korean boy band opened up about “BTS mania” and the amount of success they’ve reached within the past year. They also touched on an upcoming appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” in which they took over Grand Central Terminal in New York City.

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“We’ve just always been concentrating on the inside things: music, performance, practices. I think you know this the best but what we’re doing, no one’s ever done,” said BTS member RM. “Every time we release a new album, we always get a headache, like, ‘How do we promote this? How are we going to do this?’ So, for example, we didn’t know how big Grand Central is. But the Jimmy Fallon is already so exciting while he’s doing all his shows, so then we see Jimmy and we think, ‘OK, this is a big thing.’ We realized it then.”

The boys also went on to talk about their new album, Map of The Soul: 7, which was released on Friday. More specifically, they reflected on what inspired their new songs.

“Many things were not intended as far as our career. We didn’t know we would ever reach this kind of position. Of course, we dreamed, we wanted to get big, we wanted to go as high as we could, but we never expected this kind of energy, this kind of reaction all over the world,” said RM. “One day, we woke up and we were like, ‘Where are we?’ When you don’t know where to go, I think the best way is to walk down the road you have been walking on. So, the reboot [songs] is the best way to reflect ourselves and figure out ourselves again: Where are we? What are we doing? Who were we in the past? And [who are we] right now? That’s how it happened.”

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The group encouraged people to listen to the new album to learn more about each member, saying that they put a lot of themselves into each song.

“This album really gave me a chance to really think about myself and I put a lot of it into the music,” said J-Hope.

Map of The Soul: 7 is available for streaming now.

Their upcoming appearance on “The Tonight Show” will take place on Feb. 24.

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