Kristen Bell Says There Is ‘No Way’ She Would Have Married Dax Shepard If They Met ‘5 Years Earlier’

Kristen Bell stopped by the “Build Series” in New York to promote her new baby company, Hello Bello.

While there, the conversation turned onto soulmates to which the actress opened up about her marriage to Dax Shepard.

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Jim Spellman/Getty Images
Jim Spellman/Getty Images

“I think it’s who you choose to make it work with,” Kristen shared. “I don’t think you could ever find your soulmate if you’re not ready. I don’t know if I think soulmates exist.”

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She added, “If I had met my husband five years earlier, no way. We’d be a tabloid headline. We met at the time when we were both evolving into a place where it was ‘Okay, what are the outcomes I want in my life?’…I think you have to go through your own personal evolution to get there.”

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