Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty In Sexual Assault Trial

Harvey Weinstein’s day of judgment is here.

According to Deadline, the jury have returned a guilty verdict in the sexual assault trial against the disgraced Hollywood producer.

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Weinstein was found guilty on the lesser counts of criminal sexual acts in the first degree and third-degree rape.

He was acquitted on the more serious charges of predatory sexual assault against him. Last Friday, the jury had indicated they were deadlocked on the two charges but were instructed by Judge James Burke to “continue your deliberations.”

In order reach a verdict on each count, the jury had to be unanimous.

The “Silence Breakers”, who broke their silence about Weinstein in the press, gave a statement about the verdict, celebrating “the many women who have spoken out.”


The jury began deliberations on February 18. Last Friday, it was reported that the jury appeared deadlocked on the two most serious counts, while being unanimous on the lesser counts.

Weinstein is facing up to 25 years in prison on the first-degree charge, with a minimum of four years, as well as up to four years on the third-degree charge.

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The first-degree charge stemmed from allegations by Miriam Haley, a former “Project Runway” production assistant, that Weinstein have forcibly performed oral sex on her at his apartment in 2006.

Meanwhile, the third-degree rape charge stemmed from an allegation by Weinstein’s former hairstylist Jessica Mann in 2013.

Following the verdict, Judge Burke remanded Weinstein into jail without a bail package, and will request he be placed in the infirmary due to his health condition.

The trial against Weinstein began on January 6, with the closing arguments occurring on February 13 and 14.

Sentencing will take place on March 11. Weinstein is expected to appeal the guilty verdict.

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