‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Chad Johnson Arrested For Robbery After Drunken Rampage At Girlfriend’s Home

Chad Johnson was arrested after former girlfriend Annalise Mishler went public with some frightening accusations aimed at the “Bachelorette”/”Bachelor in Paradise” star.

ET Canada has confirmed that Johnson — real name Brian Chad Johnson — was arrested at 4:10 p.m. on Monday by the LAPD and was booked for a felony charge at 7:06 p.m. that evening in Van Nuys with a $100,000 bail.

An LAPD spokesperson told ET that Johnson was arrested Monday night for robbery.

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According to some video posts on her Instagram Stories, Mishler claimed that Johnson, 32, went into a drunken rage and angrily punched a hole in her wall.

“So Chad just got drunk for the first time in like 50 days and punched a hole in my wall, for no f**king reason,” she said. “This is the reality of my life, which is great.”

In addition, she also shared video of Johnson yelling through the locked door as he tried to get back inside her home.

According to Mishler, the fight happened when she went to retrieve some keys and noticed “his phone lit up” with several notifications from the Hinge dating app.

“So of course I confronted him about that,” she continued, “and he went crazy. On me. Like, how dare I have the audacity.”

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Reality-TV site Reality Steve archived her Instagram Stories videos and shared them on Twitter.

Reality Steve later posted Mishler’s followup, promising an “update soon maybe,” adding that she’s “being guilted for sharing this/’ruining his life.””

On Monday evening, Johnson finally broke his silence to address his behaviour, admitting in an interview with TooFab that he doesn’t remember what happened because he got so drunk that he blacked out.

According to Johnson, he and Mishler broke up recently, leading him to have “a little relapse… well I wouldn’t call it a little relapse,” he said. “Big relapse.”

He added: “I’ve been so stressed man, just sitting in my car crying sometimes, just losing my mind. And to top it all off, the one person I’m closest to doesn’t get me a lot of times. I just lost it.”

At the end of the day, he made no excuses: “I screwed up 1,000 per cent,” he admitted. “You can’t take that kind of stuff back.”

He concluded by offering an apology: “I’m super sorry to any girl that has seen my girlfriend’s story; to any girl that has watched that and felt that emotion that triggers all these bad emotions to people, of the bad things that they’ve had happen — I am sorry,” he said. “I never meant to make anybody think all of these things. I’m just sorry for my actions.”

You can watch his entire TooFab interview below:

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