Harvey Weinstein’s New York trial has concluded, with the disgraced movie mogul found guilty on lesser counts of criminal sexual acts in the first degree and third-degree rape while being acquitted of charges of predatory sexual assault.

After the verdict was revealed, Gabrielle Carteris, president of the SAG-AFTRA actors’ union, issued a scathing statement targeting Weinstein.

“Justice was served today and Harvey Weinstein was held accountable for his crimes,” Carteris said in a statement to Variety.

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“But it is only a beginning,” she continued. “We look forward to the Weinstein prosecution in Los Angeles where he will be brought to answer for other offenses. We hail the courage and conviction of the powerful survivors who brought this case to trial and saw it through to the verdict. This verdict sends a thunderous message to other harassers and abusers: You can’t run and you can’t hide any longer. Increasingly, if you harass or abuse, you will be reported, you will get caught and you will be prosecuted.”

Also offering comment on the verdict was feminist icon Gloria Steinem, who likewise shared a statement with Variety.

“Given the fact that this wave of feminism started in a time when the law treated (white) virgins as the only probable victims of rape — and that, if a married woman was raped, it was her husband who had been wronged — we’ve come a long way in a lifetime,” Steinem said.

“This court victory is due to the courage of brave and diverse girls and women who have dared to tell the truth,” she concluded. “I thank each and every one of them!”

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After the verdict was read, Judge Burke remanded Weinstein into jail without bail, and requested he be placed in the infirmary due to his poor health.

Weinstein will be sentenced on March 11. He’s facing a maximum sentence of up to 25 years in prison on the first-degree charge, with a minimum of four years, as well as up to four years on the third-degree charge.