Gwyneth Paltrow spoke about that “vagina” Goop candle once again during an appearance on Monday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

The actress confirmed she had more of her “This Smells Like My Vagina” candle in stock on the talk show after Kimmel questioned her about the popularity of the product.

Paltrow, who joked about Elton John buying around 100 of the candles, insisted, “We have more in now.”

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The actress also revealed the product started off as a joke, thinking it would be “feminist and punk rock” to put the candle up for sale, adding: “Next thing I know it’s on my website.”

Kimmel said after lighting one of the $75 candles, “It smells nice. It smells kind of a little masculine, kind of woody. It doesn’t really, you know what I’m saying?”

“It’s not really supposed to smell like a vagina,” Paltrow quipped, as Kimmel insisted it was false advertising.

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The beauty guru also spoke about how her 13-year-old son Moses had now changed his mind about her Goop site.

She revealed, “My son said to me the other day, ‘At first I thought it was really embarrassing there were vibrators on your site. And now I think it’s a great thing.’ He’s like, ‘You’re a feminist, mom. You’re a bad ass.'”