James Van Der Beek is catching up his daughter his years on “Dawson’s Creek’.

The “Dancing With the Stars” alum shared the encounter with his daughter to Van Der Beek’s Instagram Story. Van Der Beek, 42, recapped the plot of “Dawson’s Creek” to his offspring — albeit with a few plot twists.

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“Why is it called Dalson’s creek?” she asks, mispronouncing the title. “Is it because Dalson owns a creek and someone tries to destroy it?”

“Exactly,” the actor laughs. “He owns a creek, and then someone tries to blow it up, so he has to use kung-fu ninja moves… I can imagine you doing that.”

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Van Der Beek tries his best to steer his daughter clear of what actually happened on the beloved teen drama: “It was not about me whining and crying and being annoying on a creek,” he declares. “It definitely was not that.”

“Dawson’s Creek” originally ran from 1998 to 2003 and starred Van Der Beek alongside Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams, Joshua Jackson and Busy Philipps.