Nick Jonas And Jimmy Fallon Try Not To Get Soaked In Game Of ‘Say It, Don’t Spray it’

Forgetting lyrics is embarrassing.

Nick Jonas was on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show” and joined Jimmy Fallon for a game of “Say It, Don’t Spray It”.

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The aim of the game is to sing along with the lyrics to a song, and then finish off the rest of the lyrics. If they fail to get the lyrics right, they would get sprayed in the face with water. But if they did get the lyrics, their opponent would get sprayed.

It all got off to a wild start, as Jonas sang the lyrics to Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” to get Fallon sprayed.

The host was up next, but he managed to mess up the lyrics to Train’s “Drops of Jupiter”, getting himself sprayed again.

It took a few more rounds but Fallon finally got the upper hand on Jonas by singing the Jonas Brothers’ own hit “Sucker”, getting the singer sprayed.

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Also on the show, Jonas talked about the Jonas Brothers’ Las Vegas residency and explained how he got spinach stuck in his teeth during last month’s Grammys performance.

“So here’s the thing that’s really frustrating about this. First of all there was spinach in my teeth from my breakfast, which I ate hours before,” he said. “So the entire day, no one thought to be like, ‘Hey man, there’s something back there.'”

Jonas also revealed that he learned recently during an interview with his brothers that they each had checked each other’s teeth before going out onstage that night.

“They left me out of it,” he said.

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