Céline Dion is showing some love for Spotify.

On Wednesday, the singer released her first-ever Spotify Singles, a playlist that features two new songs from that week’s highlighted artist. As the highlighted artist this week, Dion gave fans a special treat with the release of a fresh take on her song “Imperfections” and a cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game”, with Isaak on backing vocals. The tracks, which are exclusively on Spotify, are a celebration of the pop star’s latest album, Courage. 

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“Spotify is a great way to listen to songs, giving the opportunity to everyone – to the world – to hear them now, right now,” Céline said in an exclusive interview with Spotify’s For The Record blog . “I chose ‘Wicked Game’ for my Spotify Singles because it’s one of my favourite songs of all time for many, many, many reasons. But also I love the black and white music video for the song, of Chris Isaak and Helena Christensen on the beach. I wanted to respect the original version, which I still think is perfection.”

Photo by Justin Wicker
Photo by Justin Wicker

“At last! When I heard Céline singing there was a big smile on my face,” Chris Isaak added. “It’s just fun to hear her sing…somebody said about Fred Astaire‘s dancing ‘He makes it look so easy’… Céline makes it sound so effortless.”

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You can stream the two exclusive new tracks on Spotify now.

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