A$AP Rocky Finds It ‘Hilarious’ That All The ‘Old Folks’ Knew Who He Was, Thanks To His Arrest

A$AP Rocky’s arrest was serious stuff but that hasn’t stopped him from seeing the lighter side.

The 31-year-old rapper is on the cover of the March issue of WSJ. Magazine; in it, he jokes about his one takeaway from his arrest in Sweden last year.

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“All these old folks know who A$AP Rocky is now,” he said. “It’s hilarious. Old folks be like, ‘That A$AP Rocky kid ain’t too bad, huh?’”

Rocky was arrested on July 2, 2019, after an altercation on the streets of Stockholm. His arrest soon became an international incident, with even Donald Trump weighing in on the issue.

He was released from custody on August 2, and then convicted on Aug. 14.

“When I first got there, the guards treated me like s**t,” Rocky recalled of his time in detention. “You had crazy people yelling, echoing, screaming in the middle of the night.”

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Rocky was later placed in a more comfortable holding centre but he said he still noticed some racism in the treatment of prisoners.

“They want to bore you to death,” the rapper said. “There’d be one chance to talk to the other inmates, for like 30 minutes, up on the roof in the morning. They’d tell me what was going on with my case because I could see my face on TV in my cell but I don’t understand Swedish.

“It was f**ked, man. I had worldwide coverage, and it still took me a month!” he continued. “People in there were telling me, ‘I haven’t spoken to my mother in a year. I haven’t seen a judge.’ And it was only black and brown people.”

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