Laureen Harper, the wife of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, has taken a very public jab at “This Hour Has 22 Minutes.”

Taking to social media, the graphic designer ridiculed the CBC show for what she believes is a failure to be funny.

“This Hour” recently posted on Twitter stating that “some Conservatives are afraid of the CBC.”

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Harper responded to the Tweet by writing, “Not afraid at all, just bored by mediocre comedy. Come on, make a joke that is funny. You get billions and you can’t make one funny joke.”


The Twitter spat comes in the wake of Conservative leadership candidate Erin O’Toole’s pledge to privatize CBC.

Speaking to The Post Millenial, the politican said: “We’re announcing today a plan to radically reform and energize the CBC. That will mean cutting CBC digital. That will mean eliminating half the budget of CBC English television—with a view of privatizing it over the course of a four-year government.”

“This Hour” later ran a segment ridiculing O’Toole’s plan.

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CBC gave ET Canada the following statement: “Obviously, we know comedy is subjective; what’s funny to one person isn’t to another. And that’s okay.”