‘Happy Days’ Star Cathy Silvers Rescued By Helicopter After Breaking Her Leg While Hiking

“Happy Days” alum Cathy Silvers broke her leg while on a recent hike.

Best known as Jenny Piccalo, Silvers was hiking in the canyons in Santa Clarita, California when she heard a loud cracking noise.

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She was completely immobile and her new boyfriend had to carry her out until they reached cell reception, Silvers recalled to TMZ. After about an hour, her boyfriend was able to call 911 and she was rescued by helicopter.

It still took a few hours for the helicopter to be able to locate them which Silvers said the pain was “unbearable” to deal with. Once at the hospital she was put in a cast for the two broken bones.

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This was only their second date but Silvers joked that he is now “locked in” for a third.

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