Tom Holland and Chris Pratt are about to make magic on the big screen in Disney Pixar’s latest offering, “Onward”.

In the movie, Holland and Pratt lend their voices to a pair of teenage elf brothers on a quest to discover if magic still exists after receiving a wizard’s staff from their late father, who died when they were both too young to remember him. With the staff comes a spell that will allow them to meet their father for a 24-hour period.

The actors didn’t have to look too far to find that special something while promoting their new project, telling ET Canada they’ve moved beyond the “bromance” phase.

“We’ve changed it, it’s bro-magic now,” Holland says, while Pratt agrees, “Yeah, it’s bro-magic.”

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“We’re magic cause this film’s about magic,” Holland adds.

Both of the actors found an emotional connection to the story, which deals with father-son relationships and the memories of loved ones long after they’re gone.

“I have such a strong relationship with my dad that I recognize the importance of telling this story because some people have been unfortunate, like my grandad, for example, lost his dad when he was 18 months old,” Holland shares. “So I recognize the importance of telling this story because I’ve been so privileged and lucky that my dad has been around and been able to raise us in the way that he has.

“I just felt an obligation and responsibility to tell this story in a very truthful way,” he continues. “I think a lot of the relationships with my family and my dad in particular kind of poured into this film, which is what I think makes it so emotional.”

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For Pratt, he felt an emotional connection to the story from the moment director Dan Scanlon pitched him the idea.

“It’s rooted so much in a real story of his life, him and his own brother having lost their father and the quest to discover more about him,” he explains, saying his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger was also brought to tears by the story’s concept. “When he pitched me that idea it was very emotional, Katherine and I were both at Pixar up in Northern California and we were both moved to tears just hearing the pitch. And it was in that moment I wanted to do anything I could to help Dan tell his story.”

Pratt says he also felt a connection to Scanlon’s story on a personal level, having lost his own father, Daniel, in 2014 to multiple sclerosis.

“I’m a younger brother and my brother and I — I have a sister as well — you know we lost our father now it’s been, I think, it’s, like, five or six years ago and so for that, it really resonated, but to me mostly it was just the empathy I felt for Dan and his situation and wanted to be a part of him telling this magnificent original story,” he says.

“Onward”, which also features the voices of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Octavia Spencer, Lena Waithe, and Ali Wong, opens in theatres on March 6.