Kim Kardashian can’t pretend she wasn’t expecting backlash after sharing some photos on Instagram in which she’s wearing the common black hairstyle known as Fulani braids.

Also called cornrows, the tight braids adorned with beads were worn by Bo Derek in the movie “10”, and it’s a look that the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star has experimented with.

Each time she does, however, she’s hit with backlash by those who feel she’s guilty of cultural appropriation by stealing a hairstyle more appropriate for a black woman.

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This time, Kardashian, 39, shared a photo on Instagram in which her hair is tightly braided while she wears a body-hugging sleeve-free dress that resembles a mummy or a possibly a straitjacket.

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That same day, she shared another photo of herself wearing braids, on her way to husband Kanye West’s Yeezy season-8 show during Paris Fashion Week.

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Predictably, Twitter struck. Check out a sampling of tweets criticizing Kardashian for her look:

On Wednesday, siblings Brandy and Ray J appeared on “The Talk” and shared their opinion of the controversy.

“I don’t think that she’s guilty. I definitely believe in that, but I think it’s reaching a little bit,” said Brandy. “I mean, it’s great, I love braids. I think everybody should have braids, but I think we’re going too far with that with her.”

Ray J, who once dated Kardashian and appeared with her in that infamous sex tape, added, “I got nothing but respect. I just think that, if you are paying homage to another culture by you know, rocking the braids, I think it’s a compliment. It should be looked at, it’s going global, you know. And, I think that when you get up and you feel good and you look good and other people say, ‘Hey, I want to look like that,’ I want to feel good… it should be a compliment and a plus.”

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