David Beckham gets a scare from Justin Bieber during Wednesday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

Beckham is asked about being friends with Bieber and how the singer gave his kids snow cones for Halloween.

The former professional footballer explains how they’d heard Bieber was giving the treats out via social media.

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He shares, “They said, ‘Dad, can you just contact him? Come on, you’re who you are, I’m sure he’ll reply to you.’ So I DM’d him and he got back to me within seconds and said, ‘Yep, we’re doing it now.'”

Bieber then jumps out of the box next to Beckham, before giving him a hug and running off stage.

Beckham’s interview also sees him talk about that “Modern Family” cameo.

“I’ve become friends with Eric [Stonestreet] from going to the Kings games and he mentioned it to me a few weeks before,” Beckham says. “I played myself, so it wasn’t that difficult.”

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He then tells DeGeneres about his soccer team, Inter Miami CF, and how he hopes to continue his legacy through the club. Plus, since Beckham admits his feet have inexplicably grown since he retired from soccer, DeGeneres surprises him with expandable shoes.

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