Elle Fanning Talks Throwing Up In An Uber After Drinking On Her 21st Birthday

Mixing liquor isn’t the best idea.

Elle Fanning learned that lesson the hard way on her 21st birthday, as she revealed on the latest episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”.

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The “Maleficent” star credited her bad night to a “mixture” of champagne and tequila.

“I threw up. A lot,” she said. “In the Uber on the ride home.”

Kimmel pointed out that the vomiting likely ruined her Uber rating, but Fanning explained, “Well, I didn’t use my…it wasn’t on my Uber, it was my friend’s.”

Asked about how much damage she did to the car, the actress responded, “Well, you know, the story is a bit hazy for sure, but I’ve been told that the Uber driver was really nice. He was. And he had a stash of, like, throw up baggies in his car, so he obviously gets this a lot.”

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Fanning also admitted that though she had a bag to throw up in, that wasn’t enough.

“I got the bag…but it was a lot, you know?” she said. “We kept telling him that I ate bad fish: ‘It was, like, bad fish. Sorry, sorry. It was, like, bad fish.'”

Despite her protestation, Fanning said her outfit probably gave away the lie.

“It was like, he totally knows,” she laughed. “I have glitter. Like, I’m probably wearing, like, a 21st birthday hat, you know?”

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