Two arena stars are sparking some romance off the ice, according to Toronto Maple Leaf Auston Matthews.

While fans have already been speculating that Matthews’ teammate Morgan Rielly, 26, and retired Canadian Olympic figure skater Tessa Virtue have been dating, Matthews says it’s true.

The Leafs assistant captain stopped by Barstool Sports’ “Spittin’ Chicklets” and confirmed the relationship just months after Rielly and Virtue made their first public appearance together at the Blue and White Leafs Gala back in January.

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“I was really pissed because me and [Rielly] would go to the Raps game every year when Russell Westbrook would come, so we’d always sit courtside,” Matthews said during his appearance on the podcast. “This year, he didn’t go with me because his girlfriend was in town and that’s where it really fell off for me.”

“I was pretty upset with him for a while and I would chirp him and stuff like that because he kind of kept it quiet,” Matthews added. “I met her and she’s an absolute sweetheart. So I was like, ‘Okay, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt now, she’s cool.’”

Contacted by ET Canada, a rep for virtue would only offer “no comment.”

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After the Blue and White Leafs Gala, fans began stalking both Rielly and Virtue’s social media, discovering some hidden gems that only added to the speculation.

In the weeks following Matthews revelation, Virtue joined Arkells frontman Max Kerman for an Instagram live interview when she confirmed they are in fact an item.

While chatting about the coronavirus outbreak, Rielly popped into the frame and the pair revealed they are both quarantining together in Vancouver.

“We’re lucky we’re able with safe distances that we can be outside,” Virtue said.

She also revealed that they’re trying “to motivate each other” to keep active.

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