Harry And Meghan Are Delighted By Couple’s Surprise Engagement At Endeavour Fund Awards

A sweet unplanned moment at the Endeavour Fund Awards in London resulted in sheer delight for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, making their first public appearance since announcing their exit from royal life.

During the gala, which honours military personnel and veterans who’ve been wounded, an award was presented to honouree Danny Holland.

As Holland concluded his speech, he thanked various people who’ve helped him through his journey. Finally, his voice cracking with emotion, he expressed his thanks to Lauren [Price], “my missus,” and began fumbling in his coat and pulls out a small box.

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The crowd, sensing what’s about to take place, let out a collective “ooh” as the camera panned to his girlfriend in the audience, covering her face in her hands. The crowd then burst into applause as she walked on stage, with Holland getting down on one knee and holding up the ring. While the couple were not on mic, she apparently said yes, and they exited the stage after a tender embrace.

Price reflected on the unique proposal in a follow-up with E! News.

“I was in total shock,” Price said on Friday. “I was so happy that he won his award, and the next minute he was down on one knee. I couldn’t believe it, and for him to do it in front of Prince Harry and Meghan is so special. I was literally lost for words.”

“I was just shocked as we have been together for seven years. It all happened so fast,” she continued. “They both hugged us and congratulated us and said how happy they both were.”

The proposal can be seen in the video above, just after the 21-minute mark.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan were downright delighted, judging by photos taken of the couple just as Holland popped the question.

Paul Edwards/Pool via REUTERS
Paul Edwards/Pool via REUTERS

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Tonight in London, for their third consecutive year, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the annual Endeavour Fund Awards, which celebrates the achievements of those veterans injured in service who have taken part in remarkable sporting and adventure challenges over the last year. By choosing to take on what seems impossible, these men and women not only set goals for themselves but have also inspired millions of people around the world. These annual awards bring together The Duke and The Duchess alongside wounded, injured and sick Service personnel and veterans as well as their families, friends and supporters of the military community. The Duke, who founded the @EndeavourFund, spoke on the night: • “The Endeavour Fund came from seeing the gaping hole that can be left after taking off that uniform. The power that sport and adventurous challenge plays in recovery, yes; but most of all – the chance to be part of a team again while attempting to achieve unthinkable challenges – as if being shot or blown up wasn’t enough, you guys continue to impress, inspire and challenge what it means to have a life changing injury.” • Since its launch in 2012, the Endeavour Fund has supported 108 projects that have directly assisted over 6,000 of those injured in service. Congratulations to all those who participated in endeavours over the last year and inspired others to push the boundaries of what’s possible! #EndeavorFundAwards

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Paul Edwards/Pool via REUTERS
Paul Edwards/Pool via REUTERS

In his inspiring speech, Prince Harry said he understood how difficult it can be for military personnel to hang up their uniforms, particularly when it’s due to injury. “It can take time and effort to recognize the fact that it is something that happened to you, rather than something that’s wrong with you — so please don’t ever forget that.”

He continued: “You have all had to demonstrate physical and mental strength that I doubt you even realized you had. Never underestimate what your actions, your choices and your resilience means to others.”

He praised all the honourees, telling them they should “all be tremendously proud of what you’ve achieved and the positive service you continue to provide to so many. To see you guys excelling and uplifting others while doing it makes me incredibly proud and grateful to all of you — because you don’t have to do it, you choose to do it,” added Harry.

“I feel incredibly lucky to be able to count myself as one of you, and I’m deeply proud to have served among you as Captain Wales,” he said. “A lot of you tonight have told me you have my back. Well, I’m also here to tell you, I’ve always got yours.”

The Sussexes weren’t the only ones who enjoyed the heartwarming moment. Check out this sampling of Twitter reaction:

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