It’s a rare singer who can cause all four coaches on “The Voice” to turn their chairs around, let alone bring them all to their feet for a standing ovation.

Yet that’s exactly what happened when Mike Jerel sat down in front of the keyboard and launched into James Brown’s “It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World”.

“Mike, you just lit the room on fire,” declared Kelly Clarkson of his performance.

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“Everything you did was done with such a level of confidence,” added John Legend. “Note for note, you had a plan, you knew where you wanted to go, and your voice had so much fire… I need this person on my team!”

Meanwhile, Blake Shelton thought the voice he’d heard was female. “I didn’t think that was you, Mike,” Shelton admitted. “I thought it was a girl singing, I’m just gonna say it. Did anybody else think that was a girl back there singing.”

None of his fellow judges did.

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Finally, Nick Jonas tried to use some reverse psychology to get Jerel to come to his team, suggesting that John Legend would be the obvious choice but “wouldn’t it be nice to win the competition having made the choice no one expected?”

All four judges pulled out all the stops to entice him, even as the singer’s mom encouraged him to head for Team Legend.

Viewers will find out Jerel’s choice on Monday’s edition of “The Voice”.

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