SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on unless you’ve watchedLove Is Blind: The Reunion‘.

Love blossomed — or spoiled — in a matter of 10 days on Netflix’s hottest reality TV show “Love Is Blind”.

On Thursday, the couples (and former couples) came face-to-face for the first time since the show wrapped up in February. During the reunion, the cast revealed the series was filmed more than a year ago.

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While the experiment, which romantically began in the pods, seems to have worked for couples like Lauren and Cameron, others like Carlton and Diamond nearly skipped the reunion altogether over the fear of being in the same room again.

Some have rekindled their relationships and decided to start anew, one regrets the decision they made at the altar and another just can’t seem to let go of bad blood (read: Amber).

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The question remains and is incessantly drilled home by Vanessa Lachey: is love really blind, and if not, where are the singletons and dating bachelors and bachelorettes at now?

Lauren and Cameron

There’s no doubt that the “Love Is Blind” audience was rooting for Lauren and Cameron from Day 1. Their palpable chemistry was fostered in the pods and carried over into real life.

Their true love was apparent at the reunion, where they cuddled up together, shared romantic glances and even revealed they have a dog. Cameron said one of his deal-breakers in the past had been a partner who wants a fur baby, which is how he knew his love for Lauren was real.

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The happiest day of my life.

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Giannina and Damian

These two had easily the most tumultuous relationship of the Love Is Blind” couples. They fell head over heels for each other in the pods but struggled a lot with sexual chemistry and aligning of values in the real world.

After Damian said “I don’t” at the altar, it appeared Gigi was ready to move on — but not quite. The couple were loved up as ever at the reunion, declaring their newfound love and respect for each other as they continue to date and see where things go to give another shot at love.

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Amber and Barnett

Happy as ever, Amber and (Mark) Barnett are still enjoying married life together. Despite the natural ups and downs of marital bliss, Barnett assured viewers (multiple times) that they have so much fun together. Though Amber mentioned feeling uncomfortable with being suddenly financially dependent on her husband, her bleach-blond highlights said otherwise.

It seemed Amber took more issue with Jessica, calling the 35-year-old out for hitting on her then-fiancé while engaged to Mark.

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“You’re so fake. Coming to my face like we were cool. You were so fake. I think you’re a really disingenuous person, and you know what? I hope seeing this, you do grow from it because that is not what the world needs, is women that go behind people’s backs like that,” she told Jessica.

“You were engaged to another man that you were leading on.”

Jessica and Mark

Notably not sitting next to each other, or even near each other, Jessica and Mark made it to the altar but parted ways right after.

After Jessica said “I don’t” to Mark, he seemed upset but not shattered. Despite his young age, which Jessica pointed out various times in every episode, he seemed to be the most mature of all, forgiving Jessica for leaving him hanging and wishing her the best.

Mark and Jessica were one of the most tumultuous couples on 'Love Is Blind.'
Mark and Jessica were one of the most tumultuous couples on 'Love Is Blind.' — Netflix

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Jessica went home to Chicago for a bit to be with her family before moving to Los Angeles and reigniting her dating life — probably hoping to find someone her age who isn’t a fitness instructor.

Carlton and Diamond

Carlton and Diamond had arguably the most intense breakup on the show — they were the only couple to call it quits during the show’s trip to Mexico leading up to the wedding ceremonies.

It was questionable whether viewers would see them in the same room together ever again, but they mentioned putting their differences behind them with a private apology leading up to the reunion. They were both incredibly emotional, opening up about Carlton’s sexuality reveal that led to an explosive argument (and drink-throwing) by the pool.

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Addressing the criticism he’s received since the show aired, Carlton assured viewers that he doesn’t think Diamond is bi-phobic and deeply regrets not telling her about his sexuality sooner. Diamond, on the other hand, said she’s still hurt by the break of trust and is certain they’ll never be able to rekindle what they had.

In the show’s most shocking turn, Carlton got down on one knee in front of his former fiancé to formally apologize for his behaviour and give her back the engagement ring she dramatically threw into the chlorinated water in Mexico.

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Kenny and Kelly

This is one couple that viewers definitely thought would live happily ever after.

Not so much: Kelly left Kenny at the altar and revealed she’s been dating an old flame (who was at her and Kenny’s wedding, actually) and revamping her health and fitness career.

Kenny has been dating as well, though didn’t reveal who, and seems to be happier than ever. Though Kelly revealed that they never really planned to say “I do” at all, she’d hoped that they could have continued dating after the show came to a close and said she is ultimately happy for her former fiancé.

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Communication✨ Our relationship was based on vulnerability and communication, from the beginning to the end. These photos were taken post wedding; amongst the emotions that had us both stirring in our minds, we always were able to find comfort in one another. . In this moment, this beautiful moment, we both expressed how that was the hardest thing we’ve ever had to experience. . What was difficult was having my Mom and Dad see me in a wedding dress for the first time in my life, my Dad walking me down the aisle, our friends and family witness a wedding that wasn’t going to end in “I Do’s”. . And on the flip side, Kenny’s parents had to witness the same for their only son.💔 . Emotional is an understatement. . Kenny and I were on the same page pretty much the entire time. Out of respect for our ourselves, families and friends, WE said “I don’t”…💛 . Did we continue dating after the show? Are we still friends? Find out tomorrow on the Reunion show.💛 . . @loveisblindnetflix @netflix @lajoyphotographyllc . . #chaselifewithkelly #chaselifetogether #loveisblind #netflix #becomeabetteryou

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