Aidy Bryant Talks Plus-Size Fashion, Insists There Should Be More Options: ‘The Breadth Of Choice Is Really Not There’

Aidy Bryant discusses fashion, “Shrill” and more in a new interview with InStyle.

The “Saturday Night Live” cast member and writer opens up about her Hulu series “Shrill” and how the show’s outfits are not available in the shops for plus-size women… but she insists that’s exactly the point.

Bryant shares, “Pretty quickly, I was like, you know, this is a real opportunity to have a plus-size lead who is dressed equally as cool and with as much style as every lead, on every TV show, on every channel for years.”

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“So that, yes, we could have done something where my character only is wearing Forever 21 Plus and all that stuff,” the actress adds. “Or, we had an opportunity to make an impression and create someone who could exist if fashion would meet that [need].”


Bryant adds of the iconic fashion moments on the show: “I definitely had really strong feelings about the clothes going into it. I remember lots of conversations, even with the network, about the clothes — what we wanted to say or not say.”

The show sees lead character Annie make some “Gossip Girl”-meets-“New Girl” fashion choices, which aren’t often seen on plus-size characters, Bryant reveals.

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“I had hoped there would be some response, because I still feel like, with as much progress that has been made in the plus-size market, the breadth of choice is really not there.”


The star goes on to say of her personal experience with shopping: “If I do 30 press appearances for ‘Shrill’, I’ve probably burned through all the cool plus-size options there are. That kind of stuff just isn’t happening for my slim co-stars.”

“I could probably name on 10 fingers the big places you can shop, and even then, it’s just… it’s complicated. You’re still having to hunt, in a way, for anything that’s different,” Bryant continues. “I go to events all the f**king time — all kinds of red carpets — and the sheer quantity of outfits that I need just to exist as a person in this industry… you can’t keep up, you know?”

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