See Joy Behar’s Priceless Reaction When Meghan McCain Asks: ‘Would You Vote For Me?’

Call it a hunch, but chances are Joy Behar would not vote for U.S. Presidential candidate Meghan McCain.

McCain delivered a passionate speech on “The View” after it was announced that Elizabeth Warren was officially dropping out of the Democratic race. “The View” co-host called for a female U.S. president.

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“The way they’re covered by the media — it’s the way they look, they’re too likable, they’re not likable enough, they’re too shrill, she’s not smart enough, she’s not warm enough  — it’s every woman that runs,” McCain said.

“I think there’s a feeling of exhaustion among a lot of American women, like, when is the media going to,” she continued. “When are we going to start treating them like the men?”

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When McCain exclaimed, “I would like a woman to be president in my lifetime!” Behar chimed in, “Maybe you should run!”

McCain asked Behar, “Would you vote for me, Joy?” Leading to some hesitation and a peculiar look on Behar’s face.

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