Selena Gomez paid a visit to “The Kelly Clarkson Show” on Friday to promote her new album Rare, and the conversation turned to those who’ve criticized her vocal abilities.

“I know that people may not think I’m the greatest singer,” said Gomez, 27. “But, I just work my a** off. I really love writing and creating and creating melodies and growing. I felt like [Rare] was my chance to say all the things I wanted to say.”

Host Kelly Clarkson offered a sweet response.

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“You said, ‘A lot of people might not think I’m the best singer,’” said Clarkson, 37.

“The best singer in the world is not the loudest. And it’s not the ‘OMG, you have to sing like Whitney Houston.’ The best singers in the world move you, and that comes from all different sounds and styles,” she explained.

“From a singer to a singer, it’s beautiful what you do,” added Clarkson. “And I love your record, and I love singing your music. It means something and it moves people. So, don’t ever negate your gift, because it’s powerful.”

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In another portion of the interview, Gomez recalled her awkward first kiss with Dylan Sprouse when she guest-starred on “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” — while she was actually crushing on his brother, Cole Sprouse, at the time. Watch: