Meghan McCain Shares Backstage Photo From ‘The View’ Warning Staff Not To Steal Hand Sanitizer

There’s apparently a shortage of hand sanitizer at “The View”.

That’s what Meghan McCain’s social media followers learned when she shared a photo on Instagram, taken backstage at the NYC set of the daytime talk show.

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In the photo, a large bottle of hand sanitizer has had a handwritten notE affixed to it, reading, “Is it worth losing your job if you steal this?”

Hand sanitizer is reported to be in short supply throughout the U.S. as fearful citizens have been stocking up as the coronavirus continues to spread, with worldwide infections topping 100,000 on Friday.

As People reported, empty shelves have been sending people to seek alternatives by making their own homemade hand sanitizers using such products as isopropyl alcohol and vodka.

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However, vodka distiller Tito’s issued a tweet with information from the Centers for Disease Control, which points out that hand sanitizer is only effective if it contains 60 per cent alcohol, while the alcohol content of its vodka is only 40 per cent.


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