Dixie Chicks are getting ready to re-emerge after a lengthy hiatus, with new music on the way and a new tour to follow.

Group members Emily Strayer, Natalie Maines and Martie Maguire sat down with Tracey Smith of “CBS Sunday Morning”, who asked about the bond that’s kept the trio together all these years.

“I don’t know; it is so lucky,” replied Maines. “I like so few people, it’s amazing. It’s meant to be. It just really is meant to be. We don’t have to try.”

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A new studio album is set to arrive in a few weeks, which will be Dixie Chicks’ first in 14 years.

“It took a lot of living to have something new to write about,” Maines said of the long delay.

Asked what brought them back to the studio, she joked, “Teenagers!”

They also realized they missed working together. “Oh my God. When I had my one solo album, it was horrible. Like, I hated it,” said Maines.

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“I need these two. It was so… yeah, I’ve never felt more insecure in my whole life,” she added. “It just is so comfortable to have a team, to have a group. Strength in numbers!”

They also addressed the fallout from Maines’ 2003 remark that she was “embarrassed” by then-president George W. Bush, which led to heavy backlash that saw their music pulled from country radio and their album sales plummet.

Looking back, all three women are glad they went through it. “It was a freedom,” said Maines, although she “hated that I was dragging two people through, like, what I said, was affecting other people.”

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“Did you feel like you were being dragged through it?” asked Smith

“No. Not at all,” said Maguire.

“No, ‘dragging’ isn’t the word,” added Strayer. “It’s more like we were all in the middle of it.”

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