Madison Beer won’t be shamed.

On Sunday, the 21-year-old singer took to Twitter to mark International Women’s Day with a message about the nude photos leaked years ago.

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“When I was around 14 and exploring my body and sexuality, I sent very private Snapchats of my body to a boy I really liked at the time,” she wrote. “I sent these, at 14, thinking I could trust the boy as we had known each other for years & shared feelings for one another, but of course he shared it with all his friends.”

Beer continued: “I was distraught and ashamed. This was a traumatizing experience that has instilled intense trust issues in me, that I’m still working on today.”

The singer revealed that more videos from when she was 14 have appeared again.

“If only I could express the trauma and share this has reopened for me. All these years I’ve had perpetual anxiety,” she said. “I’ve been in the dark and fearful of this Snapchat re-emerging as if it was a dirty secret I’ll always have to keep, because I was told it would damage my career and wasn’t okay.”

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She added, “So today, on IWD I am going to free myself of this weight I carry,” Madison wrote. “I am going to tell my 14-year-old self the following, which I hope may help some of you to be kinder to yourselves as young women.

Writing to her younger self, Beer said, “‘You should not feel shame. You were exploring your sexuality, you were learning. You should not feel like you did something wrong. Shame on those who betrayed your trust & SHAME ON THOSE WHO SHAMED YOU.’”