Keri Russell is opening up about finding her balance.

The actress, 43, got candid with Shape magazine for their April 2020 issue, spilling on life as a mother, working as an actress and indulging in that plate of pasta.

“They say you can have everything— just not all at once,” she explained. “I think that’s really true. There are times when you’re living for your career and times when you get to make cakes.”

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Russell admits she’s still finding the balance in other aspects in her life too.

“When I see those people who look so great for their age, I’m like, ‘Oh, I do want that. I do want to look like that at 60.’ I’m just not ready to stick to a strict regimen,” she confessed. “I still want to have fun a little longer. I’ll still have the pasta Bolognese.”

Adding, “I need those little bits of time to myself. And time to see girlfriends. If you have that, if you have good sleep, if you have good sex—all those things just make you feel great.”

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But the real stress comes from red carpets.

“But the stress of those events and the way you are picked apart, the way there are people who look right and who look wrong, is hard. Matthew [Rhys] and I watched some power poses at the Met Gala one time,” Russell said. “It was incredible. We were next, and Matthew turned to me and said, ‘I am so frightened right now.’ I was like, ‘You should be.’”

Russell’s issue of Shape magazine hits newsstands March 13.