The Smurf family grew by more than 3,000 over the weekend.

Thousands of people, in full blue makeup, joined together in France on Saturday hoping to set a Guinness World Record.

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While they took home the title of the largest gathering of Smurfs, with a total of 3,549, the gatherers ignored warnings against gathering in large groups as the number of cases of the novel coronavirus, a.k.a. COVID-19, continues to escalate in Europe.

This year’s event broke 2019’s record of 2,762 Smurfs in Germany.

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“We figured we wouldn’t worry, and that as French people we wouldn’t give up on our attempt to break the record,” one Smurf told AFP. “Now we’re champions of the world… there’s no risk. We’re going to Smurferize the coronavirus!”

France has more than 1,200 confirmed cases of COVID-19, but has infected more than 110,000 worldwide and killed nearly 4,000. France currently sits in fifth place with the most cases in the world.