Aidy Bryant Tells Jimmy Kimmel About Her Most Awkward Dinner Encounter

Aidy Bryant had an awkward encounter during a dinner with her husband and she’s telling the world about it.

The star of Global’s “Saturday Night Live”, 32, stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Monday night to promote the new season of “Shrill” and told the hilarious story about the bizarre couple she and husband Conner O’Malley sat next to at dinner in Portland.

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“They sat us on this, like, communal bench, kind of,” she told host Jimmy Kimmel. “So, it was, like, us and another couple and we’re—the lady’s seated next to me…but I noticed that they were, like, acting very weird, you know? They kept looking at each other and looking at us and they didn’t order any food—at this place where everything is, like, about the food. And then they just paid for their drinks.”

She continued, “And the whole time I had felt, like, a vibration, that I thought her phone was going off. And then right as they paid for the check, she, like, turned to me and was like, ‘It’s a remote-control vibrator and it’s amazing.’ And I was stunned to my core.”

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Thankfully now Bryant can laugh off the encounter, “And I realized how different our vibes were because I had gone there to eat, like, 3,000 calories of, like, homemade butters and they had gone there to be, like, horny in public.”

“Saturday Night Live” returns to Global with host John Krasinski and musical guest Dua Lipa on March 28.

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