Prince Charles has shaken a lot of hands in his day, and he’s finding it a tough habit to break.

With the Prince of Wales and the rest of the royals advised to avoid handshakes over concerns about the coronavirus, he found it exceptionally difficult while attending The Prince’s Trust Awards at London’s Palladium on Wednesday.

In a video filmed as he arrives, Charles is seen exiting his car — and immediately extends his hand before quickly snapping it back.

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He then walks over to a reception line where several people are waiting to meet him, and does the exact same thing. As he holds his hand outstretched to a man who has apparently been instructed not to shake, he immediately whips his hand back, and instead offers a Namaste bow.

“It’s just so hard not to,” he quipped of not shaking hands.

The Prince’s Trust was founded by the Prince of Wales in 1976, with a mission of helping vulnerable 11- to 30-year-olds who are struggling at school or having difficulties finding employment.

Luminaries on hand at this year’s Prince’s Trust Awards, reported the Daily Mail, included actress Anna Friel and Oscar nominee Richard E. Grant, who accessorized his tuxedo with coronavirus-fighting black latex gloves.

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Also on hand was Pierce Brosnan, sporting some new facial hair – for his new role in “Cinderella” as the King – reminiscent of KFC founder Col. Sanders.

Brosnan also greeted Prince Charles, with the two exchanging Namastes.

Photo: CPImages
Photo: CPImages
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Photo: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images
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