Gloria Gaynor is having fun with the latest viral TikTok challenge.

The singer, 70, joined in on the “#IWillSurvive” challenge on the popular social media network, urging people to wash their hands amid the coronavirus outbreak. The “I Will Survive” chorus is the perfect length for the recommended 20 second-hand wash.

“I love that people are taking part in the #iwillsurvivechallenge to #washyourhands and duetting with me on TikTok,” she captioned a video of herself washing her hands to her iconic song.

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She added, “Stay safe and healthy everyone! Wash your hands often every day for 20 seconds or more. 👏🏽💜🎼✨🌸”

In another tweet, Gaynor continued, “‘I Will Survive’ has given hope, encouragement and inspiration to fans around the globe. It’s my hope that this song continues to bless & heal during these trying times.”

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As the #IWillSurvive challenge goes viral Gaynor is celebrating 41 years since “I Will Survive” debuting at number one on the Billboard charts.

“41 years ago today on March 10, 1979 our song, ‘I WILL SURVIVE,; went to the #1 spot on the Billboard charts and began its journey to become a mantra and anthem for survivors of all kinds around this beautiful globe!” she celebrated on Twitter.