Marie Osmond Scolds Corey Feldman For Accusing Charlie Sheen Of Sexually Abusing Corey Haim In Doc: ‘That’s Not Your Story’

Marie Osmond is giving Corey Feldman a piece of her mind about his upcoming documentary and the shocking allegations it will contain.

On Wednesday’s edition of  Global‘s “The Talk”, Osmond took aim at Feldman’s film “(My) Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys,” specifically his allegation that Charlie Sheen sexually abused the late Corey Haim when he was a child.

Osmond, who’s gone public about being the victim of abuse herself, doesn’t feel that Feldman has the right to tell Haim’s story, even though Haim passed away in 2010.

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“For me, talking about my abuse finally after 30 years, I didn’t feel the need to name them, because they died,” Osmond explained.

“And, they couldn’t hurt anyone,” she continued. “I didn’t feel the necessity to hurt the families, does that make sense? I think the sad part about all of this is, is that, in Corey Haim’s case, he’s not here. And when you start passing around secondhand information, that’s not your story, I think the only person that has a right to tell your story is you.”

Guest co-host Rumor Willis shared her opinion. “I really agree with you,” she told Osmond. “If Corey Haim had decided to speak up, whether this is true or not, then that’s his choice.”

Added Willis: “If it’s not your story, it’s just kind of gross to be using it in any way. And to not allow someone to decide for themselves.”

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Sheryl Underwood, also a survivor of abuse, had an even different reason why she never named her abuser. “The only reason I don’t name names, is because I don’t want those who love me to avenge something on my behalf.”

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