Kaia Gerber joins an array of models from around the world to celebrate today’s global runway in a special new issue of Vogue.

Gerber, 18, from the U.S., talks about young voters and their ability to shape the outcome of the 2020 elections.

The model shares, “With all the information that’s out there, we can’t claim ignorance anymore. My generation sees it as their duty to educate themselves, to speak up—we won’t be silenced by anyone. We have ways of communicating with each other now that we didn’t have before. When you have a big platform, it seems irresponsible not to use it for good.”

Credit: Tyler Mitchell
Credit: Tyler Mitchell

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Adut Akech, who was born in South Sudan before being raised in a refugee camp in Kakuma, Kenya, and then moving to Australia at age eight, says of her background: “Before I’m anything else, I am a refugee, and I’m so proud of that. I want to educate people on what that really means. I wouldn’t use the words role model to describe myself – I’m just doing and saying what I know best.”

Anok Yai, who was born in Egypt to South Sudanese parents before moving to the U.S., insists: “I know I represent so many women, though I think it’s important to acknowledge that the spectrum of black beauty is so broad that there’s no one type, and that’s something well worth celebrating.”

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Fran Summers, from the U.K., adds: “Diversity and inclusion are everybody’s responsibility. All my life I’ve seen people who look like me—but what about other people? It’s so important for people to feel like they see themselves—and I’ve always felt that it’s important to be an ally.”

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