Diplo chats about his intense schedule, his country project, and his label Higher Ground in a new interview with Billboard.

The DJ, who now goes by Thomas Wesley, explains his support of underground artists through his label: “It’s really difficult to become a new EDM artist. The doors kind of got closed behind Martin Garrix or Marshmello.

“The old guys aren’t going away. I’m not going away. And it’s really easy to copy someone’s sound… EDM doesn’t have rules that you can’t copy people’s sounds because EDM fans don’t care. They’re not there for the prestige of it. So with all these EDM guys, they don’t let the young person that’s doing the cool thing up.”

Photo credit: Sami Drasin
Photo credit: Sami Drasin

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Diplo, who says he only gets around five hours of sleep a night, finds it a challenge to keep track of his numerous projects: “My main goal is to try and keep [all my projects] independent because I don’t want them to all blend together.

“But it’s hard, because you can’t control the way fans process the stream of information you give them about who and what you are. I can take off the cowboy hat but that’s about it.”

Photo credit: Sami Drasin
Photo credit: Sami Drasin

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The musician also talks about his perception of Nashville and his new country “Thomas Wesley” project, telling the mag: “We’re reaching people without Nashville giving us the approval. We don’t really need it. With streaming services, you don’t need to be on the radio.

“Country records go for like, a year to reach the charts. I’m into that. I’m learning from that.”

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