Vin Diesel praised James Corden after the talk-show host addressed the “Late Late Show” audience amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Diesel stood up from the sofa to insist Corden had done a fantastic job by assuring the audience they were not alone, telling the host he was “incredible.”

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Corden’s speech began, “I’m sure a lot of you are feeling frightened and vulnerable at the moment, we want to take a minute to say just know that you are not alone.

“We are all feeling the same thing.”

The star continued, “Take this moment this time to really look after yourself, look after each other.

“From next week we’re going to change things up at the show, to look after you guys in here and all the staff that work here.”

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Corden confirmed that from next week they would start doing the show without an audience.

He joked, “I’m used to doing a show without a television audience, but usually there’s an audience here in the studio.

“We love you so much and we’re going to be here every night, trying to make you laugh and trying to bring a bit of light and levity to your day.”

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