David Dobrik Talks Liza Koshy Split And That Viral Breakup Video

David Dobrik admitted he got a lot of friends out of that viral Liza Koshy breakup video.

Dobrik and Koshy, both huge YouTubers, had dated since 2015 but revealed they’d called it quits in an emotional video in June 2018, recorded six months after they broke-up.

The video has now reached over 61 million views.

Dobrik said of the video in an interview with WSJ Magazine: “People that are my friends now, that I hang out with every week, they tell me that the way they found me is through that breakup video. So their first impression of me was me crying in Liza’s living room.”

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The 23-year-old also spoke about his dream of eventually hosting a late night show.

He shared, according to Just Jared: “My big dream is to be a late night host, but it’s like, what does that even mean? And what’s that going to mean in four or five years?”

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“I almost feel like if I can keep this up for a little bit longer, this is exactly what late-night of the future is, right? Like, I’ll be able to have [the] guests on that I want, I’ll be able to interact with them in the way I want them to be interacting with me.”

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