Zack Morris is back in action.

In an Instagram post, Mark-Paul Gosselaar shared a photo of himself with dyed-blonde hair to reprise his “Saved By the Bell” role in the upcoming reboot of the beloved sitcom for NBC’s new Peacock streaming service.

In the photo, the actor, 46, is sitting in a chair surrounded by products while a woman — also blonde, and presumably the show’s hairstylist — is nearby.

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“One of these blondes is going to be Zack Morris,” he wrote in the caption.

Due to his commitment as a cast member on ABC sitcom “Mixed-ish”, Gosselaar will only be making occasional appearances in the “Saved By the Bell” reboot. However, Zack will be playing a crucial role in the new show’s new iteration.

In the reboot, grown-up Zack is now governor of California, whose decision to close down numerous low-income schools throughout the state sends the students in those schools to higher-performing schools, including Bayside.

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In an interview with TV LIne, Gosselaar expressed his gratitude that ABC allowed him the leeway to reprise his iconic role.

“The fact that ABC is allowing me to do something for NBC, I’m super gracious that they’re allowing me to do that,” he said.


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