Drew Barrymore is having a lot of big thoughts while doing her makeup.

It turns out makeup time is the perfect time to ponder about things and Barrymore did just that in her latest makeup tutorial. Barrymore, 45, shared her thoughts on the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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“Does everything seem so trivial to everyone right now?” she says at the start of the video. “I have looked a little bit on social media and tried to read the room, if you will, and feel the tone.”

Barrymore confessed the coronavirus-heavy news cycle has been causing her to lose sleep. Hence the puffy face.

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“I’m also looking at myself in the reflection of this camera and I am horrified by what I see. So I’m going to throw on a little blush bomb,” Barrymore explained. “I think the only thing I can say right now is I’ll continue to do some videos. I think we’ll all be spending some time at home so we should keep going.”

“This can be anxiety and euphoria at the same time,” she concluded. “I have also experienced a tremendous amount of joy and gratitude in the wake of this new normal. I have noticed the little things. I have appreciated my life thus far. I appreciate every day that I get moving forward and it has placed me in a state of being present, aware and extremely humbled by just simply the gift of the day.”