Reese Witherspoon has appeared on one of the last “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” episodes to be filmed before they stopped because of the coronavirus.

DeGeneres questioned Witherspoon over borrowing Beyonce and Jay-Z’s champagne during the Golden Globes.

“Well, I just notice that they are having champagne and at our table, we ran out of water,” Witherspoon explained.

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“So I was thirsty and so was Aniston [Jennifer] and Jay-Z seemed to have a giant bottle of champagne so I was like ‘Excuse me Jay-Z’,” Witherspoon recalled while using a french accent. “‘Pardon, can I have some champagne?'” And he was like ‘Yeah, do you want some champagne.'”

Obviously, Witherspoon answered yes because “he has the good stuff.”

The “Big Little Lies” actress also expressed her shock that Jay-Z later sent her an entire case of his own champagne.

“Yes, he sent me a case too,” DeGeneres added. “Don’t act like you’re the special one.”

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The comedian said that Beyonce also sent her clothes from her line Ivy Park and then sent them to Witherspoon.

“No, no, no she sent me clothes and I said ‘I think Ellen might like these’, so she sent you clothes,” Witherspoon retorted. “Because Beyonce and I are really good friends. In fact some might say best friends.”

Later on in the show, Witherspoon helped teach DeGeneres the dance moves her son Deacon as taught her for TikTok like “The Woah”.

Witherspoon’s episode airs on March 16.