Chris Evans Slams Donald Trump For Running Off Stage After Coronavirus Press Conference: ‘America Wants Answers’

Chris Evans slammed Donald Trump for failing to answer any questions amid the coronavirus outbreak during a press conference Sunday.

Evans, who cancelled plans to attend SXSW earlier this month, shared his thoughts on Twitter after Trump assured Americans they could “relax” and not “panic buy” during a press briefing with health officials.

He then said he had to take some calls, leaving Mike Pence, who is leading the White House’s Coronavirus Task Force, to deal with the rest of the conference, Variety reported.

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The virus has so far infected over 3,000 Americans and killed at least 61.

The president told the crowd, “We’re all going to be great — we’re going to be so good.”

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Evans then posted after the speech:

COVID-19 has now killed over 6,500 people worldwide.

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