In a new interview with Paper magazine, Lady Gaga revealed some major details about her sixth studio album Chromatica, set to drop on April 10.

The global icon announced the album name “celebrates all things” and “no one thing is greater than the other.”

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Gaga bares all for the cover shoot, which features 3D scanning ad CGI renderings.

Frederik Heyman/Paper Magazine
Frederik Heyman/Paper Magazine

Hot off the heels of her new disco-pop single “Stupid Love”, Gaga addressed the song being leaked online a month before it was due to be released.

“There was a minute where me and my manager, Bobby, were talking, ‘Do we change the single?’ We’d just spent months and months developing this video and choreography. And I said, ‘Nope!’ You know why? Because the song, when it’s mixed, mastered and finished with the visuals, and everything I have to say about it — when all those things come together at once, that will be the art piece I’m making. Not a leak,” admits the singer.

Gaga describes Chromatica as “dancing through her pain” with lyrics reflecting on more of her dark personal experiences.

“It’s a smack across the face throughout the album,” Gaga tells Paper. “We don’t stop being that happy. You will hear the pain in my voice and in some of the lyrics, but it always celebrates.”

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However, the singer wants her fans to know it is possible to feel happiness at the same time you’re experiencing sadness.

“I want to put out a record that forces people to rejoice even in their saddest moments,” she says. “And by the way, I’m not standing over here with a flag going, ‘I’m all healed, everything’s perfect.’ It’s not; it’s a fight all the time. I still work on myself constantly. I have bad days, I have good days. Yeah, I live in Chromatica, it took a minute to get here, but that doesn’t mean I don’t remember what happened. So if you’re in pain and listening to this music, just know that I know what it’s like to be in pain. And I know what it’s like to also not let it ruin your life.”

Gaga added Chromatica is not “this imaginary fairy-tale happy land where everything’s perfect.”

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The 33-year-old singer also teased a collaboration on the album with a fellow female pop star who has also experienced trauma in the public eye.

“I sat with her and we talked about our lives. It’s two women having a conversation about how to keep going and how to be grateful for what you do,” said Gaga, revealing the song’s lyrics “it’s coming down on me, water like misery” were written in “celebration of all the tears” she cried while dealing with pain in private. “Yeah, you can be in a mansion, but you can still be six feet under in one.”

Other themes Gaga will explore on the album include living with PTSD after she was raped at the age of 19.

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