Tom Hanks Has Update On Self-Isolation After Being Released From Hospital Following COVID-19 Diagnosis

Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson are back in their rented home in Australia after testing positive for coronavirus.

The couple revealed their diagnoses last Wednesday on social media, announcing that they were in hospital in Queensland.

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ET Canada has confirmed that Hanks and Wilson have been released from hospital and are now under quarantine in the house they’re renting Down Under.

The couple’s son, Chet Hanks, shared an update on his parents in an Instagram post. “They’re out of the hospital. They’re still self-quarantined obviously, but they’re feeling a lot better, so that’s a relief,” Hanks said in a video he posted.

“My prayers go out to you because a lot of people are suffering other than my parents right now. I think the most important thing is we just stay calm because panicking really isn’t necessary, and it’s just making things more difficult than they need to be. If you went to the grocery store and hoarded all the water and toilet paper for yourself I think you’re the problem,” he added.

“You should think more all of others for once,” said Hanks. “I think if we all just be a little less selfish and a little more selfless we’re gonna be completely fine.”

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Tom Hanks followed with a Twitter post, sharing a photo of one of his beloved manual typewriters and offering some good news. “One week after testing Positive, in self-isolation, the symptoms are much the same. No fever but the blahs. Folding the laundry and doing the dishes leads to a nap on the couch.”

He also had some bad news to share. “My wife has won 6 straight hands of Gin Rummy and leads by 201 points.”

Hanks also sent a shoutout to all his Australian fans who criticized the way he spread Vegemite on his toast in an earlier social media post. “But I have learned not to spread my Vegemite so thick.”

He concluded by writing, “Flatten the curve.”


The couple were in Australia for pre-production on the upcoming Elvis Presley biopic directed by Baz Luhrmann, which Hanks is set to star in.

While in hospital, Hanks and Wilson provided updates on Instagram about their condition.

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On Sunday, Hanks thanked all the “helpers” who have been making sure others are okay throughout the COVID-19 outbreak.

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